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Jo-Jo and Scotty: The Morning Voices of 100.7 WZXL

Jo-Jo and Scotty, the dynamic hosts of the morning show on 100.7 WZXL, have become staple voices for radio listeners in South Jersey. Known for their lively discussions, music insights, and unique segments, they bring a blend of humor and energy to the airwaves.

See Jo-Jo and Scotty Live at an Atlantic City Comedy Club

Join Jo-Jo and Scotty at the Rated G Podcast Live! A Night of Laughs and Interactive Research at AC Jokes on December 29th at 6 PM, where Jo-Jo and Scotty from 100.7 WZXL will be gracing the stage! Known for their dynamic and lively presence on the morning show, they're all set to bring their unique blend of humor, music insights, and energetic discussions to the live audience. Don't miss this chance to see the beloved duo of South Jersey in person and be part of an evening filled with laughter and engaging entertainment.

The Rise of Jo-Jo and Scotty:

Gaining popularity for their vibrant and interactive style, Jo-Jo and Scotty have carved out a niche in the competitive world of radio broadcasting. Their show is a mix of music, entertainment, and community engagement, making it a go-to source for many listeners in the area.

Engaging Content and Strong Community Connection:

What sets Jo-Jo and Scotty apart is their ability to connect with their audience. Whether discussing current events, sharing personal anecdotes, or interacting with callers, they create a show that's both informative and entertaining.

Innovative Segments and Music Selection:

Their morning show is not just about conversations; it's a comprehensive entertainment package. With a keen sense for music and a flair for innovative segments, they keep their listeners hooked and coming back for more.


Jo-Jo and Scotty's presence on 100.7 WZXL exemplifies what successful radio hosting is all about: a perfect blend of charisma, content, and connection with the audience. They have become more than just hosts; they are an integral part of their listeners' daily routine.

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